GE2013 Noordwijkerhout Nederland


120 Teams with a total of 230 participants from 18 countries with 110 Cadillac participated in the The Grand European 2013.

 The activities and tours were organised on 12 different locations near the 3 large Dutch cities Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam with the NH-Hotel “de Leeuwenhorst” on close distance to these cities.

The GE2013 took place from Wednesday August 28th to Sunday September 1st 2013.

On Big Cadillac Meet on Sunday September 1 , the final day of the GE2013 held at estate Orchard de Olmenhorst in Lisserbroek a record number of 168 Cadillacs showed up.

90 Teams from the GE2013 (including 32 Dutch teams)  came to De Olmenhorst and more than 55 members of the Cadillac Club Nederland attended this Big Cadillac Event.

In addition many Cadillac owners who were not member of the CCN came to De Olmenhorst.

Due to the GE2013 many new members we registered for the CCN.

In total about 200 Cadillac showed up during the GE2013 from August 28 – September 1.

Click here to download the GE2013 program guide.

Thanks very much for your participation and appreciation!



Country Number of teams
The Netherlands 32
Germany 25
Switserland 12
USA 12
Belgium 11
Great Britain 7
France 4
Norway 3
Denmark 2
Finland 2
Austria 2
Sweden 2
Luxemburg 1
Czech Republic 1
Ireland 1
Canada 1
Australia 1
Russia 1


120 teams

230 persons


Many members from the Cadillac LaSalle Club were present including President Lars Kneller and his wife Jaunda, Paul Ayres (President of the CLC Museum), Ron Zahn, Rick Payton, Thomas and Lynn Keegan, Henny and Alyda Karreman, Yann Saunders (Mr. Cadillac from the Cadillac Database, www.cadillacdatabase.com ), Joe Gildea, George and Toni Huse,  Mike and Hannah Cannan from USA Parts Supply.

And the team of Main Sponsor Honest John Foust and Donna.

General Manager Tom Anliker (click here for the presentation of the new CTS, ELR and the El Miraj showcar in Frankfurt) and PR Manager René Kreis from Cadillac Europe  Switzerland came to the GE2013 and supplied multi language coffee table books to all GRE2013 team and surprised us with Assouline books for the GE-teams that were on the Raderboat on Friday in Rotterdam. Thanks for the generosity!

Click here for a video impression of the Assouline Book to celebrate Cadillac’s 110 th anniverary and success.


 We hope that the GE2013  and the next GE-events will  boost sales of new Cadillacs in Europe and beyond!

We did  show the world how nice it is to own and drive classic  Cadillacs in Europe.


We were very pleased to have many presidents from the internationals Cadillac Clubs as participants such as Lars Kneller from the CLC, Klaus Zipp from Germany, Sami Heteaho from Finland,  Pierre Gravel from France, Arion Scheifele from Switserland, Runar Hanssen-Rasch from Norway.

Dirk van Dorst was a big promotor and supporter during the GE 2013. About 50% of all teams from the GE2010 in Richelieu showed up in Holland. 

Click here for an impression of the GE2010 in Richelieu France.

Paul Ayres, President of the CLC Museum & Research Center presented the $ 2 milion project of the new Cadillac Museum  to be built on the site of the Gilmore Museum in Hickory Corners Michigan. Construction starts end of September 2013.  Click here for more information. We hope our GE2013 will help to finance this project because funding is mainly based on donations.

Murray Bollen from Australia did promote the Australian LaSalle Nationals 2014. Click here for more information.

For nice presentations click here:

presentation 1

– presentation 2

– presentation 3

– presentation 4


Please click here   to read more about the European Cadillac Clubs and the International CLC Affiliates.

The Classic Cadillac Club Deutschland made a special Standard about the previous GE2010 in Richlieu France, click here for the report and read about the organisers and participants. We like to thank Sigrid Hofman and  Christian Doerk    (editor of the Classic Cadillac Club of Germany and specialist on 1964 Cadillac!) for promoting the GE and bringing us into contact with Cadillac Europe and the organisation of Kremsmunster. Click here for his article about the GE2013 in the German Standard Club magazine.

The GE2013 really brought all Cadillac fans closer to each other!

Harry Kjensli from Norway,  president of the American Car Club of Norway, and founder of Cruise66 & the Lincoln Highway Centennial Tour could not attend our GE2013.

He just finished the 3398 mile long trip from New York to SanFrancisco. Click here for more information about the LHCT.

Christian Freudenthaler and Georg Pfeiffer, co-organisers of the Kremsmunster Meeting in Austria were present. Kremsmunster Austria is located between Salzburg and Linz. It’s  Europe’s  largest Cadillac meeting. They were so kind to cancel their meeting for 2013 in order to give more Cadillac owners the opportunity to go to the GE2013. The GE is an excellent way to promote the Kremsmunster 10th anniversary in 2014.

 In 2015  the GE will be held in Switzerland.

A large delegation from Switserland was present including the organising team for 2015. Christian Hardegger brought more than 280 Swiss Chocolate bars for the participants on the Saturday party. Thanks very much.


For the first time in the history of the GE we welcome a participant from Russia!

We were very pleased to offer the famous Bordeaux wines (red and white) from our sponsor Chateau Cadillac during the GE2013!


 There is a strong resemblance between the first 1902 Cadillac Model A  and the first Ford Model A that is on display in the Louwman museum.

Both cars have its own engine: the Cadillac has a 1 cilinder with 10 HP and the Ford has a 2 cilinder. Click here to see how a 1903 Cadillac starts and runs and here for restaurations pictures.

Click here for an explanation of a 1904 Cadillac and its 1 Cilinder engine called “Little Hercules”  from the owner who took it to the classic car run in London to Brighton veteran car run. Click here to see how a 1905 engine runs.

Click here for a video about the first Ford.

Click here for the first Cadillac that was an immediate succes!









List of winners of the CLC awards sponsored by John Foust of Justin Texas      


BEST 30’s  : 1933  V12 town sedan . Bob Lucas  . England

BEST 40’s : 1942  Convertible .  Gert Verberk . Belgium

BEST 50’s : 1957 Eldorado Brougham . Paul Lamping . Germany

BEST 60’s : 1968 Eldorado .  René Häner  . Switzerland

BEST 70’s : 1970 De Ville Convertible  . Arion Scheifele . Switzerland

BEST 80’s : 1988 Fleetwood Brougham . Phillipe Honold. Switzerland

BEST 91 and newer : 1992 Fleetwood. Sigrid Hofmann . Germany

BEST modified : 1959 Custom convertible . André Dortangs . The Netherlands

BEST original unrestored : 1956 Sedan . Roland Frass . Germany

Bad luck  special John Foust Creation : 1977 Coupe de Ville . Ingo Rissmann . Germany

Longest distance driven : 1959 Sedan Fattop . Johann Hellsten . Sweden

European CLC director choice : 1991 Eldorado Biarritz. Benoit Daunic. France

CLC USA Presd. Choice :1953 Convertible . Hartmut Kuhfuss  . Deutschland

CLC Neth Presd. Choice : 1956 Coupe . Urs Itin  . Switzerland

Texas Choice Award Honest John:  1970 Coupe de Ville . Germany

Peoples choice : 1956 Coupe. Urs Itin . Switzerland

Youngest member /driver : 1972 Eldorado convertible. Lizzy Schut. The Netherlands



Photos from  “Mr. Cadillac”  Yann Saunders from Cadillac Data Base.

Photos taken by Aart van der Haagen on Saturday night August 31 NH parking lot.